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Thanks to Anthony Pappalardo and Jenkem for putting this out. Know your skateboarding history.



3d innovations started by matt landon in 1990

Along with the rest of the skate-o-sphere, I was shocked to learn that Brian Anderson and Alex Olson quit Girl. It’s the equivalent of quitting pizza or sex–you’re crazy to give either up unless someone has a gun to your head. Rumors quickly surfaced that BA was starting a new brand out of the Skate Mental camp and anyone from Alex Olson to Dill and A.V.E. were going to skate for it. Eventually Anderson started leaking logos on Instagram for his new brand 3d skateboards.

While the name 3d might seem fairly innocuous to most, it really irked the inner skate nerd in me. What was the big deal about the name?

Well it was already used by a company started in Connecticut in 1990 by Matt Landon or Skimps if you know him well. Most people know Brian Anderson is from Connecticut–Groton to be specific–and he’s close in age to both myself and Landon, so he had to be aware of 3d Innovations right? Chrome Ball mentioned getting 3d’s DVD (which is still available here for only $5.00) and Quartersnacks posted a complimentary and detailed review of it in 2011 when it was released. Of course my surprise was nothing compared to how Landon felt when he heard about the new venture. Continue reading

“Catch Us If U Can 2” Art Show, New London

“This night will feature a collective of artists from Boston, Providence, and New London. Many different styles and mediums will grace the walls of MUSE on saturday night so please.. Do yourselves a favor and come check us out…” (from

“Catch Us If U Can 2” art show
opening Saturday, November 21st 2009
(show runs until MID JANUARY)

Muse Gallery
102 Golden St.
New London CT

with artists:
Rob V. Guess
Alone One
Adam O’Day
Liz Purcell
Greg Pennisten
Drop One

..and make friends with Muse on MySpace.

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