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Graffiti/Street Art vs. Advertising (part 2) – Ron English

We have messages flashed at us everywhere. “Buy this.” “Watch this.” “Drive This.” “Drink This.” This is in our so-called “public spaces”. But if you want to say something in these public spaces, it isn’t that easy. Write it on the wall or paint or hang your art outside and you are a “vandal”.  If you think money can buy the rights to say what you want.. wrong! Artist Ron English has tried renting a billboard for a piece, and got turned down. 

“Legally, I don’t have a right to do this, but I do as a proponent of free speech, I have an obligation to do this” – Ron English

Corporations don’t deserve free speech.. PEOPLE deserve free speech.” – Ron English

POPaganda: The Art and Subversion of Ron English.. 

photos:  Graffiti.Org

Our laws say that we can be subjected to their corporate messages with their words and images, but putting out your own words or images and you are a criminal. Basically “Read, Don’t Write.”  Read more on “Read/Write Cities” on


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