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Graffiti/Street Art vs. Advertising (part 1) – Illegal Advertising

Some people look at graffiti as an “eyesore”. But many of us don’t have such a problem with advertising. Just because it is paid for by some corporation, does that justify it being there? Is somebody’s mural (or even tags) really worse than a big billboard telling you what garbage to eat, crappy fashions to wear, car to drive, etc ? Or even worse.. I remember the day I was trying to quit smoking – waiting at a bus stop with a huge Newport billboard staring down at me – torture!. And that was a LEGAL ad.

Turns out, ALOT of advertising is ILLEGAL.

Illegal Ad on the flat iron building. I love this building. Imagine coming to NY as a tourist and seeing this landmark architecture. Yeah that would be a nice picture. photo: Municipal Art Society

Wanna go to the park to escape the city for a few or maybe a picnic with the girl? photo:

Some of this advertising is more than a visual problem. Here’s scafolding, with the weight of an illegal Helio ad, crushing a few cars.  Luckily noone was injured. photos:

Many of these posters that you see on construction sites are illegal.

Rockstar Games sticker (“IV”) going over the homie  “Rate“‘s tag. photo: Corporate Vandals blog

Tats vs NY
While these corporate vandals are doing whatever they want, we have assholes like media whore Al Sharpton painting over LEGAL graffiti.
photos: NY Daily News

“Consume, dont think about expressing yourself.” …Something is definately wrong here.

A few interesting facts..

– New York City arrested 3,786 graffiti writers last year. They arrested 0 illegal advertisers.

– Vermont, Maine, Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington D.C. bans billboards.

– Buenos Aires, Argentina recently removed 40 thousand billboards (60% of their billboards) to fight “visual pollution”.

– Sao Paolo, Brazil BANNED all commercial advertising in 2007. They have also LEGALIZED Graffiti.

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