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I’ve Had Enough, I’m Out.

I’ve had enough of L.A.. Time to be out.

Shit is mad fake. The L.A. river is a fake river. Silver Lake is a fake lake. The plastic surgery. The girls. So many of the people. The wack LA hipsters and the corny Hollywack scene. I’d rather just read The Arab Parrot, and look at his pic of all the clowns I missed from the night before. And even he did the right thing and flew the coop a few weeks back. Good move.

Sick of the L.A. art scene. Sick of Shepard Fairey and his Fuct-up plagiaristic art. Sick of Mr. Brainwash and his mockery of the art world (first art show grossing over 1/2 million$!).  If that’s what it takes to make it, I’m all set.

Sick of cars and driving. The city is designed wrong and public transportation here is so useless, that you really have to drive. Driving everywhere. Tickets. Tickets, and more tickets. Car towings. Random car repair bills. Traffic here can make a 15 minute drive turn into 2 hours. Cars are wack. And the gas prices (insane skyrocketing from $3 to $5.15 in  the spring)! Fuckin gas. Aren’t people dying over this shit?!

Sick of the segregation. It’s ridiculous. All of the black people are in South Central, Compton or Watts unless they are even less fortunate than that and are on Skid Row. Mexicans live in central (excluding Skid Row) and East LA. Asians live in their retrospective neighborhoods (Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Tokyo). The white people live on the West Side (Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake), on the top of all the hills, and anywhere near the ocean. There’s not much interaction between races here. No getting on the subway and seeing 12 ethnicities and hearing 6 languages being spoken on the same train. Most of the conversations between races here are actually people yelling at each other while driving. Maybe I’m weird, but I like diversity.

The economy in LA is severely unbalanced. There’s alot of money here, but it doesn’t seem to get around very well. No wonder there’s been some frustration here before (and before that). It seems that you are not making $30+ an hour, you are basically a “Mexican” (meaning everyone else)  getting minimum wage. That is, IF you can get work. 

Sick of jobs falling through, people wanting art but then “We really want your art, but we don’t quite have the budget. But if you wanna do it for free, it would surely help your portfolio”. ..Um yeah.. charity usually involves helping someone that needs it, not helping your store look better so you can sell more cupcakes. I have to eat. So if I work for you, then “Fuck you. Pay me.” If I just wanted to paint a wall.. I can find walls to paint.

Sick of the best time to get something done out here always being “tomorrow”. Let’s just get shit done!

Sick of the weather. “But it’s ‘perfect'”. Bullshit. It’s the same everyday, and it is borrrring. I can get into a cloudy day, fall foliage, painting in the snow, spring rain and rebirth. Bad weather makes me appreciate the “nicer days”. Sick of the sun. The sun is over-rated, and causes skin cancer, heat stroke, squinting, and exhaustion. Sunsets are ok.. because it’s leaving. Like me.

(*All this ranting aside, thanks and big ups to my all my friends still in Los Angeles. Now I just gotta get y’all out!)

Just Some Random LA pics..

Some random pics from this year in Los Angeles..

Los Angeles Skyline from Runyun Canyon (with of course some smog)

California Dream and Mexican Coca-Cola

Watt’s Towers


Serious Dodgers fans

The Fashion District

Fruit Truck

Medical Marijuana/ Silver Haze

Little Tim in Echo Park

Astroburger – great burgers and a pretty good vegetarian selection on the menu

LA loves the old Cadillacs. Baby blue with hydraulics.

Another old Cali Cadey in flat black.


Beef and shrimp tacos from..

Burrito King, Echo Park

Palm Trees

109′ at sunset

Walking the “banks” of the L.A. River

Sunset over Hollywood Blvd.

Fashion District, Los Angeles

The Fashion District in Los Angeles is located downtown on the 90 blocks between 7th, Spring, and San Pedro streets and the Santa Monica Freeway. Besides being the place for ridiculously cheap “fashion”, it is also the place to buy all sorts of shady stuff. It’s like the real “Black Market” that I thought was an actual place when I was like 8..

Fake Croks.. $30, but they’ll take $20.

Counterfeit New-Era hats.. 3/$10

Shopping for weapons. 2 Shilaka/beatdown sticks, brass knuckles, and a switchblade.. $43.


“You’re not a cop right?”

Holster Belt Buckle

Baby pets for sale. Turtles, chicks, parakeets, little bunnies, and lizards. 

TuPac is still alive down here.

Not pictured..  besides the typical bootleg dvds, there’s fake Nikes, knock-off “designer” pocketbooks, Lucha libre masks, and L.A.’s street meat.. bacon wrapped hotdogs.

Skid Row
October 2, 2008, 3:16 am
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When I was younger, I had a simple solution for the homeless.. “Get a job you lazy fucks!”.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had a bit of a change in my attitudes. I’ve had some good friends that were homeless, and I’ve had some experience with my own ups and downs, and downs. Homeless people are not ALWAYS lazy, drug addict, losers. Don’t get me wrong, ALOT of homeless live lifestyles that I have no sympathy for, but they don’t all have the same situation. Sometimes the way shit happens in life can really fuck things up. Some people have no remaining friends or family to help them. Education in this country is not what I would exactly consider successful (even if you’re a well off white girl). The job market in America sucks. Even if you are fortunate enough to get a minimum wage job, and you get one of the few spots in a shelter to sleep and shower, saving up a few thousand dollars for first, last, and security on an apartment ain’t exactly that easy. Now imagine if you have a kid or (mental and/or physical) disability. Or if you ARE a kid (average age of the homeless in America is 9). 

In Los Angeles many of the homeless  live downtown in a 50 square block area known as Skid Row. It can be quite a disturbing and saddening area, and most Los Angelenos live by a simple solution to the problem.. avoidance. Turning a blind eye doesn’t make it go away, awareness is the first step to fixing the problem. 

Welcome to Skid Row, Los Angeles..

Watch the rest of this great documentary here.

This is a complex problem without a simple solution. If anyone wants to do anything to change this situation, please do the right thing and contribute what you can (time, money, food, IDEAS for better solutions)  and spread the word to others.

Another Week in Las Vegas
August 31, 2008, 12:49 pm
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Recap of last week in Las Vegas…

First off, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.. A week in Vegas is too long!

The Plaza Hotel. Yeah, it’s a “smoking room”.

How to sneak a dog into your hotel room:

Get a good size box. Pup is gonna want to sit instead of lay down so put the box vertical. After goin past security, try to keep him still all the way to your room. One kick and all the people in the elevater will wonder if you are smuggling a midget into your room. 

Let him out and enjoy your stay.

Hotel Wall Ride (photo: Skimps)

When you go out on the ledge of your hotel, bring your clothes! Especially if anyone might lock you out there. (Unless you are like Skimpy here, and you like letting Brian hang out.)

Also spent some time in the streets, gettin some ups and hangin with the riff-raff and alleycats while discovering downtown LV. Old casinos, 99¢ deep fried Twinkees (yuck.) or deep fried Oreos (Yum.), $1 margaritas and $2 Shrimp Cocktails (what!).

Oh and almost forgot.. it was fashion tradeshow week. I hit up Pool, Magic and Project. Didn’t care for much of the new fashion and I wasn’t showing anything, but it was cool to see some people that I haven’t seen in a minute. And all the shows lead to some crazy nights and plenty of new aquaintances and connections.

Beauty Bar afterparty

This shirt wasn’t at the trade shows but was was one of my faves. It’s sound activated. Scream and the levels on your shirt go up. DOPE!

Thanks to David and David for hookin us up with a ride outta Vegas.

I’ve left out ALOT, but it was a long week and I am over it. “I’m going, going, back, back to Cali”.

August 30, 2008, 1:35 pm
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Nevada desert

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