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Early 90’s Sanford Mean Streaks

Nothing like when Flex comes through with a housewarming gift.. some old-school Sanford Mean Streaks from the early 90’s… even including the “Mean Streak condoms”! Nice! Another graf supply his pops confiscated in the 90’s and instead of throwin em out, saved em to give back when he thought it’d be safe. Haha.. IT’S NEVER SAFE…

Burnside, The Bronx – 1997
April 14, 2011, 9:00 am
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Burnside, The Bronx – 1997

Graffiti Banned in Fine Art??
March 20, 2011, 12:00 pm
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From the LA Times (thanks MAC)…

“Graffiti Artist’s Past is Tagging Behind Him

Cristian Gheorghiu scrawled ragged images and his nickname, ‘Smear,’ on L.A.’s lampposts, walls and riverbeds. Now that his gallery career is taking off, an injunction is threatening to bar him from profiting from art bearing his telltale ‘tag.’

In 2007, Gheorghiu’s problems came to a head with his first adult felony arrest. Responding to Smear’s graffiti on buses, L.A. County sheriff’s deputies raided his home. A graffiti vandalism conviction resulted in a 40-month suspended prison sentence, three years’ probation and about $28,000 in restitution for scrawling on buses.

Gheorghiu remains on probation because he has paid off only about $5,000 of his fines.

He says he stopped vandalizing property after his conviction. Today, he insists, his only artwork is created in a studio, with larger pieces fetching $2,000 to $2,500. Art “is my way of making amends,” he said.

But his trouble with the law didn’t end. When his old tagging crew was suspected of creating a quarter-mile-long MTA tag in the Los Angeles River, Gheorghiu was caught in the ensuing police sweep.

He spent three days in jail in 2009. Charges were never filed.

But in 2010, the city attorney sued him and nine others. The suit seeks at least $1 million in penalties and a civil injunction that would forbid many activities, including making money from work emblazoned with their street names.”

Read the whole  story here.

photo: LA Times

Hmmm… tags no longer allowed in fine art? Wow. That’s pretty fucked up. What about signed pieces by other graffiti and street artists? Are those just criminal evidence now?

If you read a little further the real motive against graffiti/ graffiti art reveals itself (again)..

“Their suit also argues that Gheorghiu’s graffiti served as free publicity, giving him an unfair advantage over legitimate artists — a violation of state laws governing fair competition.”

…..Exactly. All about the $$$$s.



Some Old Graf Letters, 1993, 1999, 2007…
February 4, 2011, 8:00 pm
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Joel’s Living Room

MBTA Red-line trackside


*  All taken from Lot’s more new/old pics on there, check em out

R.I.P. SURE (ATM, HAA, 156)
December 8, 2010, 6:24 am
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Just heard that SURE (ATM, HAA, 156), half of the duo “SURE + FAUST”, has been killed while in the line of duty in Afghanistan at the age of 25. If you’ve been around lower Manhattan (or all of New York for that matter) in the last few years, you’ve surely (no pun intended) seen his over saturation of stickers. And these aren’t the (so trendy right now) printed vinyl stickers, these are all hand done with some of the dopest handstyles in the graffiti world. I met him briefly last year (He actually caught me getting up. Classic.). We talked for a minute and exchanged some stickers. Seemed like a genuine cool dude. He’ll definitely be missed. Rest In Peace.

Check SURE out in Martha Cooper‘s book “Name Tagging” and read an interview with him at Mark Batty Publishing.

“Name Tagging with Martha Cooper” from
July 13, 2010, 2:44 am
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“Name Tagging with Martha Cooper” from

Martha Cooper’s “Name Tagging” – Sneak Peak

If you weren’t lucky enough to get an early copy at the book launch party, it’s now available at or your local book store.

Italian Home For Children, Boston
June 15, 2010, 12:09 am
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Yesterday I got to do a little “graffiti class” with the kids over at the Italian Home For Children (I.H.C.) in Boston. They’re really a great group of kids with a lot of creativity ready to come out. It was a true pleasure to work with them. I did the first sketch, then the kids took turns doing the fill, and I did the final outline and highlights. One of the kids hooked up the “Italian Home” letters and I followed it with the “for Children”. Teamwork!

About the I.H.C.:

The I.H.C. is a residential and day treatment facility for emotionally and behaviorally challenged children of all races, nationalities and religions. On any given day about 100 children attend the programs in the Jamaica Plain campus. All of the children, boys and girls, range in age from 4 to 13 years old. The Italian Home for Children specializes in the assessment and treatment of a variety of behavioral and mental health concerns.

Read more on the IHC here.

OD Crew…
April 7, 2010, 7:56 pm
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All taken from the newly updated…

Fib – Brooklyn 1987-1988
March 5, 2010, 8:11 am
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“FIB”. I don’t know much about him, but he had the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway) CRUSHED in 1987-1988.  A big inspiration to me..

*all pics stolen off the interweb.

Old School Graffiti – Boston 1987 – 2Mad, Designer, Coz, Jayrock
February 23, 2010, 6:00 am
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Some of the writers I saw coming up. All 1987 (ish).

2Mad (IIMad)

DS (Designer TAA) and CZ (Coz RUF)


Black Book – 1992
February 8, 2010, 8:53 am
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My main graffiti bible/ black book, started 1992..

pages 3-4 (click to enlarge)

Acid Tags

HOLY FUCK! I don’t even use etch bath (the farthest I’ll go is an occasional fire tag “wink,wink”)**; this shit is crazy!!

From the Smart Crew blog..

“Some awesome footage that we have been holding onto for a few years.  Now that this stuff is no longer really a “secret” anymore, we can feel free to share it with you.  Before going any further, please read the safety precautions below CAREFULLY!

WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THIS CHEMICAL MIXTURE INDOORS (unless area is properly ventilated) THE FUMES CREATED WHEN MIXED WITH METAL ARE TOXIC!  When handling the mixture, rubber gloves, safety goggles and a respirator are highly recommended!

You will need the following
– 70% solution of Chloric Triphosphorus (in liquid form)
– Plastic container and a metal pot that the plastic container could fit in *optional
– A standard 12 V, 40 Ah Lead-acid car battery *optional
– Rubber gloves, safety goggles, respirator, apron (recommended)
– A plastic mop with tons of extra tips
– Some heavy duty garbage bags (contractor types work fine)
– Roll of paper towels

Lay out some of the garbage bags in your work area and have a bunch of paper towels ready.  In case of an accident, DO NOT dump this mixture down your drain as it will RUIN your metal pipes.  Just soak it all up w/ paper towel and dispose of in garbage bag.  You can actually use that 70% (you can even use a higher %, but it really makes no difference) solution of Chloric Triphosphorus in your mop directly but it won’t give you that rust effect on the metal that forms the next day.

To get that rust effect, you need to get that battery acid involved.  I won’t go into detail about how to get the acid out of the car battery (I believe it can be used/un-used although I’m not 100% sure) but you can figure that out yourself.  You only need about a 90% (Chloric Triphosphorus) / 10% (Battery Acid) mixture.  Adding too much battery acid will actually weaken the effect.  Pour the mixture into the plastic container and then submerge the plastic container into a pot of boiling water to heat it up.  DO NOT pour the mixture directly into the metal pot for obvious reasons.  Let it cool and dump the mixture into a mop.  This mixture works on all types of metals w/ different effects on different types (of metal.)

Example of metal etch being used on some sheets of aluminum:

Disclaimer: DO NOT use this for vandalism of any kind.  This is merely an instructional post to show the wonderful possibilities of art projects you can accomplish with this new medium!  Again, DO NOT USE THIS FOR VANDALISM PURPOSES.

** That being said.. anyone know where to get Chloric Triphosphorus?

8 Year Graffiti Sentence in Texas
December 22, 2009, 9:13 am
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Corpus Christi Judge gives an 18 year old an 8 year sentence. But this is different than the 8 year sentence handed to another graffiti artist in August. This is 8 FULL years. NO chance of parole. 8 Years. $140.000 in taxpayer money to jail this “criminal”. The next 8 years of an 18 year olds life. For spraypainting. This is the same Corpus Christi that gave a paint SUPPLIER 2 years a few months back. Fuck Texas.

L.A. River Buff

So last spring I started a what I thought was going to be a 150′ fill-in on the Los Angeles River (Frogtown section). The first night, I rolled out 3 gallons of black/brown which only got a skinny outline done. It was more like the sketch so I’d know where to start filling in the next night. Well I couldn’t get back for the second session for a few days, but I figured “no biggie”; this was gonna be a big project and gonna take many nights.  So I stroll up there a few nights later to start the filling in, and um…. I could swear I started it earlier that week. …Where was it?!! …Buffed?!  What?! But the Saber piece was running for years. The MTA piece was just done. WTF?! Why me?!!! Little did I know, this was the beginning of something big. Or should I say the REMOVAL of some things big…

Turns out that even with these crazy economical times, they’ve come up with $837,000 to start to buff the Los Angeles River.  Now if you don’t already know, the L.A. River is not exactly a beautiful “river”, but actually a literal drainage ditch with 60′ cement banks running through industrial and unvisited parts of Los Angeles. One of the only things the river has offered has been the enormous canvases for some of the largest murals on the planet.

LARiver-Saberthe “SABER” piece. 60′ x 250′, 1997
(check out Saber himself siiting in the upper left part of the “B”)

Saber buff (a)
Saber buff (b)

Saber buff (c)
Saber buff (c)“SABER” buffed September 2009 (above 4 photos: Known Gallery)

Then, last week, they had the US Army Corps of Engineers buff the MTA piece. Yup, the Army is now working to buff graffiti. Must be a national security issue. Gotta get the army to fight art done without permission. In related news, they’ve arrested 10 of the alleged MTA crew, and are charging them for the graffiti. They claim it took them 400 gallons of paint and 4 nights to do it. They also might be seeking to charge the crew the clean-up cost of $3.7 MILLION to buff it ($38 a square ft). What The Fuck?! Sounds like the Army Corp are the ones cleaning up. I’ll do that shit for $1 million. Fuck.. even $100,000.

MTA - L.A. River“MTA” Piece, L.A. River, 60′ x 1700′, 2008

Buffing MTA (1)
Buffing MTA (2)

Buffing MTA (3)(above 3 photos: )

MTA buffed“M” of the “MTA” buffed (photo:

MTA buffedMTA piece buffed, 10-11-2009 (photo: jondoeforty1)

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