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This is the blog for the artist Alone One.


Born in the mid 70’s.

Began graffiti under the name Alone in 1989, started the prolific graffiti crew OD in 1991, and leaving marks in every major US city since.

Evolved from the streets to the canvas and now produces illustrative fine arts that often deal with the city, relationships, and inner turmoil.

Can currently be found creating and/or destroying somewhere in or around Brooklyn, New York.

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Hi Alone,

When i was in high school i used to roam the Needham Line tracks from Roslindale out to the West Roxbury/Needham line. You and Resent did the most incredible pieces along there.

As a huge admirer of OD’s work from those days I have always wondered what ever became of your crew. Then a couple years ago i was pleasantly haunted by a new piece in vibrant purples and greens by English High visible from the Orange Line. And today i have discovered your blog.

Thanks for creating this website. I don’t like the idea of your past works fading into the forgotten corners of our memories….

Comment by RozzieSquare

Hey Aloner!

I love the Free Caype sticker…where can I cop one?? (Also, who made it?!)

Much love,

Comment by MOLLY

Thus the money supply of a com- munity may begin as ten million gold ounces. ,

Comment by Miss53


Comment by Miss Night Catcher

Thanks for posting the Orange Line photos and video. It brings back a lot of memories. I remember the tags and graffiti at the tennis courts.

Comment by Gregory

How do you have my son’s artwork?

Comment by Jennifet Putnam

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