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“String Theory”

A piece from last year. Done with a broken hand and an awkward cast. Seemed easier to not lift the pen, so I just did it one line. After all, EVERYTHING is connected

AloneOne-StringTheory“String Theory”
8″ x 20″ x 1″
Presto White-Out Pen and black One-Shot enamel on cradled wood panel


Thick 1″ thick cradled wood panel

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wait a minute, it looks like you started at the top… that lettering was done backwards?

Comment by rena

Actually started at the bottom, with the title first.

Comment by aloneone

ah, ok, this is slightly less of a mindfuck then. haha the shape of the start of the squiggle threw me off, it looked like the end of the line.

i dig it. buildings and clouds have more in common than i’d previously thought.

Comment by rena

I love this drawing! Wanna do a piece for me?

Comment by julia

Anytime. Buuut… You’d have to come pick it up!

Comment by aloneone

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