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X-MEN Boston, late 1980’s – early 1990’s
November 9, 2011, 2:41 pm
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OK, first off I have to say this is barely an original post, all the pics are stolen off the internet along with the Dash history lesson, but the influence that Boston X-MEN had on my graffiti beginnings can’t be stated enough. Early to mid eighties, Boston’s elevated MBTA orange line was the center of graffiti. Looking out the windows at the cityscapes and the beautiful rooftop murals and signatures made a huge impression on me. When the el was taken down in 1989 focus turned to the streets. And from Egleston Square to Forest Hills up to Roslindale Square… it was all X-MEN…

a classic “X-MEN” blockbuster by MK. Not sure where this one was. There was one of these on a fire escape facing Egleston Sq in 89-90. It was a landmark spot. A very official “Welcome to Egleston: this is X-MEN territory!”

“SCENE” wasn’t X-MEN, but the “DASH” under SCENE’s “S” was. And this photo really brings back memories. After the orange line moved from it’s elevated Washington Street location to it’s present trench location, Amory and Lamartine streets became the new Washington Street in a way. This building was on Lamartine between Paul Gore and Wyman Streets. I would pass this on the regular going to see my first girlfriend on Sheridan St, so of course this time was quite impressionable. When this building was removed in the early 90’s for some new condos (a sign of times to come), it really was a nail in the coffin for an amazing era in Boston graffiti and my youth.

“MK” and “RICH3” at the top of the bleachers at English High School, home to many a  writer’s meatings.  Probably 1990. Well visible from Washington Street and Williams Street when cutting over to Amory Street. Great Spot.
great hand styles by WISDOM (X-MEN TUF).

“ARCH”  between Jackson Square and Roxbury Crossing, probably 1990.
“RICH” throw-up.

“MKAY” (MK) at Jamaica Plain High School, before it changed to English High School in 1989. Another classic location.
Unfortunately I can’t find the 2 MOST influential X-MEN pieces to me (Anyone has them, PLEASE send em over! (That means you BYG!)). The first was the “X-MEN” in all blues at the Forest Hills wall, 1989/1990, done by MK (and probably others, Romeo? Rich?). The second was the “ROMEO RICH” at the same wall, same time, bubble letters with a fresh yellow/green fill and (I believe) red outline and these RIDICULOUS shines. Oooh! The first time I went up to that wall in person I knew if I wanted to do graffiti, especially in Jamaica Plain, I better make that shit dope. X-MEN had seriously set some high standards.

Here’s a quick history lesson taken from

from DASH – X-MEN (taken out of the middle of a conversation):

“with all respect i would like to clearly say…BACK then as GMC, or XMEN, or PAL, or DF we never opened the doors for nobody to join us..u have to live on the same block or one of us had to bring u in.. and rarely ever did that.. i dont rec…all every knowing a person Remote in Boston in JP…There are many X-Men crews in graf, bboying, MC’s etc etc.. HipHop is officially world wide and allot of history is getting mixed.
The clear Venom to the Story of How X Men migrated to JP.. is one of the most simplest, kinda boring.. but i am a official here i will say only what my eyes and ears have saw & witnessed..
**ME,LEFTY,FLEX,CHAP started a crew in JP called GMC Ground Master Crew.. in JP Washington st. Egleston sq.. we had all MC’s, BBoys, BGIrls, Writers, graffers, DJ’s..
**JP was a one of those neighborhoods that every summer you will meet someone new and most of the time new cats were from NYC, CT, MIA..
1981 we started bboying in JP…after the bboy life died down a little bit..MEANING that we battled every crew and there was nothing left, crews were breaking up, some peeps stopped dancing etc.
1975 CHAP moved to JP from NYC L.E.S
1979’s SEN2 moved to JP from NYC
1982 around that time ANOMIC moves to JP from Bridgport, CT
1983..a bboy/graffer named MKay moved to JP..
1984 Sandman moved here from Miami
MK comes from Bridgeport CT.. the BX backyard…living between CT & BKLyn.. he has met, went bombing and knows official real XMEN graffers..he has full permission to honor and carry the name..
MK..& I became tight- so i introduced him to chap & sen.. anomic is mk 2nd cousin..they have fam that are related..i already knew and was tight w anomic so it was easy to allow MK to chill w us and rep..

GMC crew went and started a new chapter w FLOORLORDS we are the original Floorlords2 members.. GRAFFING GOT big and so did our neighborhood EVERYBODY wanted to be GMC got bigger and we kept our graff circle mad small.. only 7 to 8 fam members only.
LarryLove & SEn2 are cousins.
MK & Anomic are cousins.
CHAP..Sandman..Daze- Dash & Lefty are brothers.
as we got older we are now around 13-17 years old so all of our friends were hanging out and watching us bomb..MK puts up his signature tag and ends w xmen.. so of course if your fam or a friend u will rep the same.. XMEN is now just begining to be a bunch of family niggas from the same block..dancing dies down.,,GRAFFING picks up..
w the crack taking over so does the crime and now our family friends that live on our block are getting arrested left n right.. so the name XMEN goes into a negative vibe.. cus the Police wants to label everything..SO not to take away from THE ORIGINAL XMEN in NYC..
but basically the seeds they left behind grow and move on and thats how the name carries on.. our own friends and fam.. our own neighbors that we grew up.. dancing, graffing, and we had nothing left and went bombing we we would carry on XMEN..
xMEN block buster above was done by MK.

i think that helps.. but if u have any Q’s hit me up.. Peace.. UNO”

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Good read,
Thanks for the plug.
The link above might not be to the correct flick, try this one

Comment by BGG

I write mk.mkay since 1982….im in books like spraycan art….cope2 book…from the platform book morris park crew book im in graff videos like video graff 2 fuk graff 2 video….i did pieces with the best and known writers in the graff game…tkid cope seen case2 ghost wane reas tats cru cap mpc pove gudes ktc shame125 sento tfp and many many more im down with alot of crus tfp mpc tats cru kd gu cod rte tmb

Comment by mk.mkay......

Check me out on facebook i have three pages michael mkay cavalieri.

Comment by mk.mkay......

Theres so many writers before be that write mk.mkay its all good im true original since 1982…mk.mkay…mpc…

Comment by mk.mkay......

The name of the graff game is fame and thats me since 1982….mk.mkay…mpc….check out my old school pics on my facebook page alot of graff history….michael mkay cavalieri.

Comment by mk.mkay......

HELLO, @MK.KAY I know for a fact these are not your photos! MK.. is my Brother IN law. One of the original #1 Graffiti Artist..

Comment by J

mk is my uncle and my dad was also in the xmen. he goes by MECK 5. just would like to say love seeing these pics, and this is awesome. there are a ton of other pics from the xmen, but you got good ones on here! because of my dad I am a artist too, I paint and my twin sister does graff. too, this is very awesome to see! -vadia beavis dunn

Comment by vadia

MK is my uncle. He’s really good. Im glad i get to see his work online.

Comment by Alondria Medina

Dash was never and Xmen or Lefty,they never did anything to protect the turf,they just boasting about they did this and that but the real xmen started on washignton st next to the barber shop,dash or lefty never step foot in that house whatsoever,at the xmen house ,now everyone wants to be part of some sort of history like william morales he was never and a xmen,yes Mk supply the name for the gang that was about to evolve in one of the most nototirius gangs in the latino community,but never that,it started as a graffity name and it evolve into a gang.actually dash and his brother lefty despise hanging with the xmen,crazy acey ace was their newphews,they actually did not even associate with electrico uncle,wich he was part more of the xmen then they was..acey ace I believe,freez,and delite really started the xmen,they were the ones who sold and protected the block from jumpstreet,ask them if they ever was in the mission hill fight,or in other turf fights like the one in dorchester,big ron was,half pint real name david perez was and xmen,freez was a real xmen,jimmy was a real xmen,froggy who had issues with mk including fighting with mk right on washington st was and xmen,therefore please rewrite the true story of who was and who was not,felito,case,al from the first floor of were the xmen house use to be…and so all started with hector getting the first quart of coke wich a few members paid $400 for,thats how we all started selling,hector was the supplier,at no time dash or brother ever steppped a foot on the block to sell or even Mk himself..they stood out in the outskirts..never deep like the real xmen,i believe Delite was the head of the house of the xmen,the house he took over when david perez moms left,and thats how it all started..then everyone started calling it the xmens house,hector was deep with delite cause they grew up with each other on jp behind the meat market,way before everyone knew hector actually hector was not even from eggy he lived in to later,abs was also and xmen.alex mejia,and little earl represented the xmen till he got loced up for murdering that kid by the gas station..i admit GMC was there first but for the braking days…and I admit MK was there for graffiti purposes but not as a gang in whole..the circle was not that big,but like i can say Dnice-CAME LATER ONCE WE ALL EVOLVE..THERE WAS JUNKIES WITH THE XMEN that were more xmen then people are mention is what it is only a few know the real story ..behind these lying lines…stay strong..And X-real Xmen..

Comment by X-Xmen

word.. like i said my experience living there and watching what we did grow.. we started off as a bboy crew, graff crew.. we all lived on the same block.. during the time our very own friends of the block turned it the way it became.. im not claiming nothing.. but bboy & graff questions of writers that started in JP just bboying graff writers a hiphop movement.. GMC we was all hiphop.. we got XMen writers etc etc.. our neighborhood flipped it and the rest is history.. wil and hec are my boys before it flipped we got our own history.. i dont need to explain.. chunky, clo, anomic, chap, sen2, lefty reflex aka jake, jimmy, wilbert, arch, pate, haitian bobby, candy, cherry, chinagirl, michy, milly, ivia, omy, herb el nino, tita, cane, hec, .cobra, willy, dnice my uncles eletriko, ace, willy, jose etc etc.. all know we was bugging w hiphop nothing else.. dont get it twisted.. just our childhood fun.#JPHipHop #bboy #graf we talking 86-92

Comment by el dash rok gmc

who posted this comment you do know a lot of true history about the X-Men but just to let you know im acey ace and my brother was electrico my nephews are dash and lefty I would like to know who post this post so we can correct some true history about the X-MEN GANG

Comment by Adam Acy Ace Lopez

whos talking about the X-Men this is acy ace I can tell you who made it into a gang after mission and castle gate and comment park came down robbing our brothers i mean home boys to set shit straight. on our block that’s when x men turned from a graff crew into a street gang and freeze delight and acy ace and m kay was also at the x men house me acy ace and delight and m kay rented rooms at the x men house when x men turned from a graff crew into a gang at the time when that happen m kay and I and freeze worked at suffolk downs in east boston horse track and then m kay just lived like a month or 2 in the x mens house then he moved on me and delight stayed and just started selling drugs gang bangin and after hector morales came around but he never said he was a x men he only hungout with us and then hector started moving shit with us but it was realy freeze delight and acy ace then my brother electrico came from new York into the x men house then that’s when everybody just started coming around saying im x men nobody recruited anyone if you came around and chilled with us you was just part of the x men then the crew was getting out of control it was crazy everybody going to jail gang bangin brothers getting killed there was so much war coming from all over now remember x men was getting real big people was coming from all over JP roslingdale hyde park they was x men all over if you would like to know more about the X-MEN street gang just ask

Comment by Adam Acy Ace Lopez

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