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ESPN on Robbie Gangemi/Vehicle Skateboards
from ESPN:
Robbie Gangemi product tests his own eco-friendly boards.

It’s no secret that skateboards and the skateboard industry, like most industries, create a tremendous amount of waste in the process of production. Though there are several companies that espouse an environmental consciousness, few have made real strides in trying to marry their images with their actual production process. Enter, East Coast OG and former Zoo York pro Robbie Gangemi. Gangemi, a Boston and New York staple of the latter 1990s, started his own board brand, Vehicle in ’99. In 2010 Vehicle is looking to be the first board company out to manufacture boards almost entirely out of recycled materials. He can even use the excess wood normally scrapped by other companies in the process of cutting shapes out of veneer. And since Gangemi’s name has always been synonymous with pop and style, you know the board feel is gonna come correct. Contributing writer, Matt Higgins spoke to Gangemi at length for his piece about action sports companies trying to do things a little more environmentally-friendly.

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