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8 Year Graffiti Sentence in Texas
December 22, 2009, 9:13 am
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Corpus Christi Judge gives an 18 year old an 8 year sentence. But this is different than the 8 year sentence handed to another graffiti artist in August. This is 8 FULL years. NO chance of parole. 8 Years. $140.000 in taxpayer money to jail this “criminal”. The next 8 years of an 18 year olds life. For spraypainting. This is the same Corpus Christi that gave a paint SUPPLIER 2 years a few months back. Fuck Texas.

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Boo Hoo!

Comment by DaArtist

This is crazy! 8 years for $7000 worth of damage?! You can do less jail time for rape or even manslaughter. Texas is by far the harshest and worst state in the union – check the drug laws, graff laws, etc. But then again what should we expect from the state that gave us Georges one and two plus it’s the state JFK was killed in! Texas is the reason…

Comment by Rob K.

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