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Boston’s Elevated Orange Line (R.I.P. 1987)

Some pics that bring me back.. Boston’s elevated Orange Line.

Orange Line - Forest HillsMBTA Orange Line at Forest Hills Station (my old home base)

Orange Line - Green St.Inbound train at Green St., looking south

Orange Line - Green StGreen St., looking inbound

Orange Line - EglestonEgleston Station, my stop for school

Orange Line - CharlesGoin over the Mystic River

Orange Line - South EndIn the South End. You can see the sign for St Vincent de Paul in the background.

Orange Line - RoxburyElevated Orange Line in Roxbury. Check out Skippy Whites, best spot for vinyl back in the day.

Orange Line - Forest HillsPulling out of Forest Hills Station, looking from the bus yard.

Orange Line - R.I.P.The elevated Orange Line tracks (R.I.P.) being removed, looking north from Forest Hills.

The above pics are taken from Those are just some of my favorite pics, mainly because they are of my old stomping ground. Check out more old school MBTA flics on their website.


Coz- CashCoz getting up in 1986 (est). Mass, Tale, and Spell tags also up. (* above 2 pics stolen from the web, forgot where)

1979 MBTA map
the old train route, 1979 MBTA map

The actual ride, Forest Hills to Dudley

part 2 of the ride

..and don’t forget their appearance at the end of the St. Elsewhere tv show’s intro.

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Good little video of the Elevated from PBS

Comment by BFC

Dope link above. Thanks.

Comment by aloneone

Wonderful photos, sure bring back the memories. . . thank you.

Comment by jseiff

how are was wondering if i could have a coulpe of photos sent to me, train leaving foresthill, the green st inbound and the shot of dudly

Comment by ray

Like it says in the post, “The above pics are taken from”, so ask or credit them like I did.

Comment by aloneone

The pic where it says “Goin over the Charles River” is actually over the Mystic River. That overpass is behind the Assembly Square Mall.

Comment by AaRON

Thanks. All fixed. I was always on the southern side of the old orange line.

Comment by aloneone

[…] a) After a few decades of decay in the 60s and 70s, it would have been torn down in the 80s (a la the Boston Orange line): […]

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My jaw dropped when i saw the pic of COZ tagging Dudley station…I used to run with MASS and CHANT( I spied his tag in there too) back in the 80’s…My tag was GEO. MASS and I were in the NSA crew. Just think about how many beautiful rooftop pieces there were to be seen, ONLY from the El train perspective! I wish i had a camera with me during the many trips I took via the Orange line…Great site by the way! So Nostalgic! Good luck and my respect for your talent Alone!

Comment by Geo One

^^^ GEO NSA. Good to hear from you. Much respect.

Comment by aloneone

[…] Boston’s MBTA Orange Line went into the trench in 1987 it was (arguably) a beautiful elevated trainline. Forest Hills station would become my “ground zero”. Here are some pics from the late […]

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10 yr resident of Bromley-Heath housing projects and Franklin Hill housing projects, I am writing on Egleston Sq

Comment by gerard (gerry) roy

Wow !! I can remember walking to egleston station
in the 70’s with my father and getting the train.
Then the turn going into to dudley not sure
with that, but the wheels squealing and the train
tilting thinking to myself this train is going to fall
off. great memories and thanks for the pics.

Comment by steve

great pics, 1850 washington st. and northampton station was were I called home, and where new edition filmed candy girl. streets seem so empty when the lines went down. looks like a different world now from what it was, not necessarily a bad thing. Still I think about the old orange line with fond memories.

Comment by d. mann

Fantastic footage. Please correct the title. This train goes WAY beyond Dudley Street northbound into the South Portal (tunnel) to Essex Street station (now Chinatown station). Whoever had the foresight to capture this should be saluted! Thank You. Thank You.

Comment by John Zager

this really makes me home sick. I use to ride the train to and from Dudley Station/Forest Hills when I went to Washington Irving Jr.High School in Rosalindale, Mass.
I could listen to this close my eyes and I’m right back there, on my way to school again. Thanks

Comment by cherb

My grandparents used to live in Beech Street projects and my family lived in Dorchester/Mattapan, so the Orange Line was always part of any trip to my grandparents for holidays and stuff. Thanks for the nice memories.

Comment by Suldog

I suppose that sounds weird, but there was no direct route from our place in Lower Mills Dorchester, so we took the Mattapan trolley to Ashmont, the Red to what was then “Washington” (now Downtown Crossing), then switched to the Orange to Forest Hills, and then a bus after that. Took forever, but when I was a kid I always looked forward to it because I’d get to ride the “train in the sky”.

Comment by Suldog

I have a distinct memory of Mass. Ave Station and also Berkeley Street station, but can’t find on any maps! Do you recall these?

Comment by Jayne Adams

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