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“Sway”, Boston 1990
November 6, 2008, 12:01 am
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When I first started writing (1989), one of the major spots in Boston was the “Graffiti Board” alley, next to downtown Boston’s Corner Mall. In the day, the Graffiti Board got painted legally. At night the alley next to it got painted. One of the landmark pieces there was the “Sway” piece. The fade was RIDICULOUSLY smooth. Krylon Hot Pink to White, not some fancy Euro paint, and this fade was puuuurfect…    

“Sway”, graffiti board alley/Boston. 1990

( oh yeah.. photos stolen off the web. Top one from Aves… big ups!)

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G-Board 1991 Relm, Dizmo, Key, Res 247, Sin TKO, Cloak, etc..

You can see the Sway piece under the TKO and Cloak

Comment by BFC

Ha, that one from the gboard alley is my photo. funny how digital media has feet.

Comment by AVES_ONE

good shit^

more old school boston graffiti here

Comment by Bostons Graffiti Ghosts

I’ve known “ “ for over 30 year . From the days of running the streets of San Francisco, LA , BOSTON you name it that man was at the top . ( he was and is to modest to ever admit it )
He is one of the only true graffiti artist that is known from the EAST COAST TO THE WEST COAST and was so skilled in his talent , not many people could hold a can up to him ,
Don’t leave out ZONE he was one of Boston’s major Influential graffiti icons and is just as important to the culture we lived
And I can’t emphasize the word LIVED enough ,
Every chance we got to do a throw up or a tag no matter how high risk it was , it was ON !
And to the friends we left behind those that may RIP ,
And may god be with you in your future

Comment by Ez

I’ve known sway

Comment by Ez

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