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September 22, 2008, 11:54 am
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You can tell alot about someone by what is in there pockets..

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is this caypers stuff?

Comment by MES

Try checking out some of us ladies’ and our “stash-sites,” including but not limited to, pocketbooks, handbags, baguettes,
you name it, you’d be surprised just how much “dangerous” (and very illegal) *shit* we can manage to fit in those tiny things!
I mean all those lipsticks, tampons, eyeglasses!?,….shit, that’s all smoke and mirrors most of the time boys!
So next time you look at a sweet purse/handbag- carrying-chica, make sure you look behind the delicate shimmer of the silky, sweet and girly-material that makes up the fabric of HER seemingly-harmless little “pocket.”-book.”
From a lady’s p-o-v, that’s called:
ILLin,’ girly style.
a.k.a. on the d/l, by nature.
btw:…,…o, nothing, I guess that’s the end of my commentary.
**p.s. vice-presidential candidate-debates tonight (Thursday). Remember to tune in, kids, this should be Very Interesting, in all kind of freaky-ass ways! Like Survivor, in co-ordinated suits. yikes…

Comment by tara kay

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