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Mexican Coke

In case you think “made in America” is always better, you haven’t had a Mexican Coca-Cola. Prevalent in Mexican populated communities in Los Angeles, Texas, and around the southwestern US,  you can find the imported bottles of Coke. The glass bottle might make for a slightly improved flavor, but the sweeter taste comes from the real CANE SUGAR inside. American Coke has been sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup since the 80’s. (Remember when “NEW Coke” came out in ’85, only to switch back to Coca-Cola Classic? Well, they didn’t actually switch back, they switched to the new corn syrup recipe.). So if you want a real classic Coke, make sure it says “Henche De Mexico”. 

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these ARE the best. They sell them at this little taco place in bushwick, zefe.

Comment by stones

[…] there are small niche groups of Coca Cola aficionados that swear by the taste of the Hecho-en-Mexico (Made in Mexico) Coca Cola, the one in the classic glass bottle. And the secret is the use of Cane Sugar that gives it such a […]

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Um, you should look a little closer to the white sticker on the bottle. Alot of small businesses are opting for the less expensive 12oz bottles from mexico made with CORN SYRUP. Coca Cola Bottling Corp. thinks these have been smuggled into the country. If the little white sticker is only in English and the bottle itself says returnable in spanish then your bottle of coke has been smuggled into the United States, or worse, as far as Coca Cola is concerned, they are completely fake and could been dangerous. Check your bottle.

Comment by TW

It should also be noted that the white stickers on the Mexican Coke bottles that say “sugar AND/OR corn syrup” are actually sugar. Those labels are general labels that are put on most Mexican sodas that don’t have the ingredients in English.

Comment by AloneOne

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